Hero Rats

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A one of a kind experience learning about the Hero Rats of Cambodia which through special training can detect landmines. These cute little creatures are helping claim back land previous raged by war. Their amazing sense of smell and lightweight bodies allow them to discover landmines without setting them off.

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  • Centre visit
  • Apopo expert guide
  • Training demonstration
  • Meet & greet with the Hero Rats
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Apopo is a special NGO working with African Giant Pouched Rats, also known as Hero Rats, to claim back land which has been previously used in areas of conflict.

These specially trained rats have an extraordinary sense of smell and through special training can detect undetonated landmines left behind. Due to their lightweight frames, they can discover the landmines without detonating them. Once a landmine is detected, it is marked and removed afterwards by trained experts. Not only can they detect landmines, they have also been trained to detect tuberculosis making them truly heroic.

Based in Tanzania, Apopo has established research centres in over six countries and plays a key role in Cambodia. The centre is located just outside Siem Reap and offers the opportunities to see these rare and special animals. For their hard work and dangerous job, they are rewarded with great working conditions and typically retire after four years.

At the centre you will get a behind the scenes experience and a chance to meet the Hero Rats. You will also get to witness a stage demonstration of them at work, discovering landmines. The Hero Rates play a vital role in making Cambodia safer for its communities which are still affected by remnants of war.

Pick up from: Siem Reap hotels

Approximate Time:  09:00 & 14:00

Duration: 1 hours

Day Tour - from £37

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