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El Monte C28 Exterior
El Monte C28 Interior
El Monte C28 Interior
El Monte C28 Interior
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El Monte C28

5/6 Berth Motorhome - from £58 per day

This 5/6 berth motorhome will allow you to explore America at your own pace with friends or family, in your very own home on wheels.


  • Two double and two single beds
  • On board shower and toilet
  • On board generator for unpowered sites
  • Entertainment system
  • Pick up from 12 locations with one way hire


Save up to 5% on bookings of 21 nights or more.


About Your Motorhome

El Monte motorhomes are comfortable, stylish and up to 2 years old, providing a reliable touring option.

Enjoy your own comfortable holiday home as you explore breathtaking national parks and sensational cities. This standard motorhome includes:

  • Daytime and night-time air conditioning
  • Walk through cab and room for 2 up front
  • Well designed kitchen with oven, stove and refrigerator
  • Hot and cold water, shower and toilet
  • Auxiliary battery for night-time use

Great Value

With Freedom Destinations you can turn up and go, with all these essentials included in the price:

  • Bedding, sheets and pillows
  • Towels and tea-towels
  • Cooking utensils, cutlery and crockery
  • Use of generator
  • Nationwide roadside assistance
  • Insurance* and taxes


Whilst travelling, you will need to pay for your own fuel, which is much cheaper than in the UK. There is also a mileage charge of 34c per mile, although you can pre-purchase one of these mileage packs before you leave:

  • 500 miles – £145
  • 1000 miles – £290
  • 1500 miles – £435
  • 2000 miles – £580
  • Unlimited miles £765 (max. 21 nights) – For each additional night (after 21), there is an additional charge of £28 per night.

There are no refunds for unused miles.

One Way Hire

To make the most of your time in America, you can ask to pick up your motorhome in one location and drop off in another. There is generally a relocation charge of around $250 to $800.

Book now

During holiday seasons and nearer the date of hire availability of the Standard Motorhome is limited and prices rise considerably. Secure your motorhome with a 10% deposit by calling a Freedom Destinations consultant today.

5/6 Berth Motorhome - from £58 per day

Include this 5/6 Berth Motorhome in an America holiday
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*Long booking discount* Save up to 5% on bookings of 21 nights or more. Can be combined with other specials. Valid on new bookings only. Subject to availability, seasonal variations may apply.

Rates and Terms & Conditions may vary for 2022/23 travel. Motorhome rates operate on a best available price basis, please contact your consultant for an accurate quote. Price does not include mileage or one-way charges, Colorado Road Safety Fee of $2 per day and New York surcharge of $5 per day (max $140 per rental), if applicable. A refundable $1000 credit card bond is required on all hires.

Please click here for further information.

Terms and Conditions

You must be over 21 and have a valid and identifiable driver’s licence. All drivers must be identified and authorised upon pick up of the vehicle (there is no cost for additional drivers). On collecting your motorhome, you will be asked to sign the hire company’s own terms and conditions of hire making the rental subject to a direct contract between each driver and the hire company. A basic refundable security deposit of $1000 USD and the use of a credit card to pay for all local charges and deposits are required at departure. Upon vehicle return, all extra charges are balanced against the security deposit and a credit will be issued to cover the refund.

Standard Hire Includes
Insurance, tax on all pre-paid items, daily rate, personal kits (includes: blankets, pillows, sheets and towels), kitchen kit (includes: pots, pans, cookware and crockery), RV preparation fee and on the road support.

Hire Excludes
Mileage charges, optional extras, one way fees, generator usage and security deposit ($1000)


Provided clients abide by the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement, report accidents and/or damage promptly, and avoid prohibited vehicle uses, your coverages include:

  • Auto Liability Statutory and excess Supplemental Liability Insurance up to $1,000,000.
  • VIP (Vehicle Incident Protection) a contractual agreement with El Monte that limits the excess per occurrence or incident to $1,000 of responsibility. You are covered for amounts in excess of $1,000 under most conditions.

Length of Hire
Minimum rental is 7 nights.

Clients must return the rental vehicle in a clean condition or a cleaning fee will be estimated and charged. Rental vehicles returning from special events, e.g. music festivals and race events may require additional cleaning.

Flush Out
A minimum charge as a flush out fee if the waste and/or holding tanks have not been drained by client prior the rental vehicle being returned to El Monte RV.

Travel Restrictions

Clients are restricted from travelling to certain regions due to road conditions, extreme weather, acts of God, security alerts and /or availability of support. Restrictions are subject to change without notice and are determined solely by El Monte RV.

Clients are responsible for knowing and following the travel restrictions and awareness of changing conditions. El Monte RV, to the best of its ability, will provide clients as much information at time of pick up as possible, but is not liable for any delays or detours client may encounter.

Violation of these travel restrictions voids insurance and coverage option under the terms and conditions of the rental contract.

Please note the following restrictions:

 Off-road: travel on non-public, unpaved and/or ‘logging’ roads is not permitted at any time.

Death Valley
Travelling in or traversing Death Valley is not permitted in July and August. In May, June and September travel is permitted, however, customer is fully responsible for all mechanical problems and/or towing or vehicle recovery costs. Ground temperatures can reach 140o F or 60oC. During July/August clients may be required at pick up to sign and acknowledge these restrictions.

Travel is permitted at client’s own risk and only with purchase of El Monte RV’s Mexico Auto Liability Insurance (MALI), available at all southwest locations. However, there is no reimbursement for repairs, lost use or deductibles for damage.

Travel is not permitted.

Travel is permitted at client’s own risk. However, there is no reimbursement for repairs or lost use.

Travel during winter months is permitted. However freezing conditions may occur in Spring and Fall at higher elevations and should be anticipated and precautionary measures taken. Clients are responsible for any damage due to systems freezing or cold weather. As a precautionary measure, water may be replaced by anti-freeze to prevent water systems from freezing. Clients are then not allowed to use any water systems, including the toilet or shower, until they have travelled to consistently above zero temperatures. In the event the clients want to replace the anti-freeze with water the client may be charged up to $150 to re-winterize or de-winterize the vehicle. Special instructions may be given at the rental counter.

Note: Winterizing or de-winterizing cost, typically up to $150, is the responsibility of renter.

Travel in summer months and /or in extreme temperatures can strain motor home systems such as roof and dash air conditioners, generator and refrigerator. We maintain our motor home fleet to accommodate all weather conditions; however, clients should be made aware that performance of motor home systems under extreme conditions cannot be guaranteed. Roof A/C units will only cool the interior of the motorhome up to a maximum of 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature.

Ontario / Quebec
Due to increased incidence of theft, motorhomes are not allowed to be left unattended within the cities of Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City. We recommend leaving the motorhome parked at a campground and use taxis or public transportation. Details available at pick up location. Clients planning on travelling in these areas must inform rental station prior to departure.

Burning Man
Alternative terms & conditions may come into effect for pick-ups and returns over the Labor Day weekend and Burning Man festival.


Discover America in your own holiday home on wheels. Our easy-to-drive motorhomes are fully equipped and self-contained for the ultimate American adventure.

All motorhomes include:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Bedding, towels and kitchen equipment
  • Maps and campsite information
  • An onboard generator
  • Roadside assistance
  • The security of ABTA/ATOL protection

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