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Maori Cultural Experiences in New Zealand

June 28, 2019

New Zealand is a stunning land of natural diversity located at the edge of the world. It is also home to a diversity of a different kind, too. As much as we can wax lyrical about the volcanoes and glaciers found here, its …

Top 3 Wildlife Experiences in British Columbia

June 17, 2019

When it comes to authentic, one of a kind wildlife adventures, there are few places on planet Earth that can rival British Columbia. This area of Canada is famed for its diverse range of species, providing visitors with the …

Must Visit National Parks in Kenya

June 6, 2019

Kenya is home to some of the most beautiful National Parks in Africa and boasts a unique wealth of flora and fauna unrivalled in most other parts of the world.

Aware of its exceptional natural heritage, the Kenyan government …

Top 10 Things To Do In Melbourne

June 1, 2019

You may have heard that Melbourne is Australia’s most cosmopolitan city, or that it has the most European feel. And your ears did not deceive you! The capital of Victoria is filled with interesting Victorian architecture …

Your guide to Whale Watching in Australia

May 28, 2019

Australia may be famed for its cute and cuddly marsupials, but it boasts a hugely diverse range of land mammals, birds and marine life too. All kinds of wildlife experiences are on offer during a trip Down Under but arguably …