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As we strive towards a cleaner, sustainable future, travel has its part to play, providing valuable employment worldwide and an exchange of culture and experiences that everyone can enjoy.

We recognise that travel can have a cost as well, so here are a few things we are doing at FREEDOM to try to ensure we are having a positive impact.

Sustainable Holidays

Responsible Travel

FREEDOM works with our clients and our suppliers to encourage safe, sustainable holidays around the world – wherever possible we:

  • Use local operators and suppliers
  • Include options to visit more unusual locations and regions
  • Sustainably audit our hotels and resorts
  • Offer natural and supportive wildlife experiences
  • Offer train travel options in most places
  • Encourage ‘eat local’ rather than all inclusive

We believe responsible travel means respect for the environment and the communities we visit, benefitting both the destination and the traveller.

Tree Planting

The United Nations and the World Wildlife Fund have identified tree planting as one of the best ways to fight climate change. It also improves the environment and provides natural habitats for many wildlife species.

Planting trees can turn back the tide of deforestation and breathe fresh life into our world. And, as trees grow, their ability to absorb and store carbon increases.

That is why Freedom Destinations is supporting the National Trust in their campaign to plant 20 million trees by 2030. Our contribution will ensure that the National Trust plant a tree on your behalf when you travel with us – see plant a tree.

A Clear Vision

Although it is hard for us to imagine, millions of people in Africa and beyond suffer impaired vision through lack of basic eye care.

Children find it hard to study at school and for adults it is hard to earn a living, particularly as they get older.

Freedom Destinations works with Vision Aid Overseas to improve access to eye care for all, through support and training of eye care workers in less well-off countries and the provision of much needed glasses.

When you travel with FREEDOM you will support that work as part of our Giving Back programme – see changing lives.

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