Laos Hotels

Choose the holiday accommodation that’s right for you with our top selection of Laos hotels. All are in great locations and offer the best value in their class. Look out for:

  • Free Breakfast – a delicious way to start your day
  • Free Nights – for longer stays or in low season

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Laos Hotels

A selection of our top hotels in Laos. Please speak with our team for further options.

Villa Chitdara Room

Villa Chitdara

Luang Prabang

Hotel ★★★
Ansara Vientiane Pool

Ansara Hotel


Hotel ★★★★
Room Balcony

Maison Souvannaphoum Hotel

Luang Prabang

Hotel ★★★★PLUS
Maison Dalabua Pool

Maison Dalabua Hotel

Luang Prabang

Hotel ★★★PLUS
Lao Orchid Room

Lao Orchid Hotel


Hotel ★★★

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