5 Ways to Visit the Great Barrier Reef

March 18, 2020
Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Australia is blessed with an abundance of awe-inspiring natural wonders but perhaps its most precious gem is the Great Barrier Reef. On an Australia holiday, there’s nothing better than booking a trip to discover the vivid colours and the incredible biodiversity of this mammoth underwater wonderland.

About the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the most expansive coral reef on the planet. Located off the east coast of Australia, in North Queensland, the reef covers an area of more than 344,000 square kilometres. Comprising almost 3,000 individual reefs and more than 900 islands, this staggering feat of marine architecture is a sight to behold.

It’s no wonder the vast majority of travellers to Australia are keen to visit the Great Barrier Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef is accessible from many parts of the Queensland coastline and there’s a vast array of tours and excursions to choose from, including overnight adventures and day trips from Cairns.

Great Barrier Reef Cruise

As well as enjoying jaw-dropping views of glistening golden sands and crystal clear waters that harbour kaleidoscopic reefs beneath, visitors to the reef can also learn about the incredible marine life that resides in the warm turquoise waters.

Home to over 1,500 different species of fish, more than 130 shark species and six of the world’s endangered species of turtles, this is a truly spectacular wildlife haven.

For those planning to visit this amazing place, there are options to suit every holiday itinerary. Here are some of the best ways to visit the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Clownfish, Great Barrier Reef

1. Snorkel the reef

Deep beneath the tranquil, rippling surface of the Coral Sea lies a convoluted, complex network of corals that provide a home for thousands of different marine species. From the deck of the boat, it’s possible to get an impression of the scale and beauty of the watery expanse but it’s difficult to appreciate the splendour and the significance of the reef from above the waves.

To snorkel the Great Barrier Reef is a great way to delve deeper without embarking on a full-scale diving trip. Visitors can spot bright, vivid fish darting in and out of the vibrant coral and it might also be possible to see larger species and to catch a glimpse of turtles.

The Great Barrier Reef Day Tour is a trip from Cairns which includes five hours out on the reef. As well as snorkel hire, guests can also enjoy lunch, morning and afternoon tea and the chance to go out on a glass-bottom boat and marvel at the creatures and colours lurking below.

Snorkelling, Great Barrier Reef

The boat will travel to the Outer Reef, locating a perfect base for safe, sheltered swimming and snorkelling, and guests can enjoy fish feeding, informative marine biology talks and semi-submersible tours. There will also be time to relax and soak up the sunshine before heading back to the shore.

If your perfect trip to Australia includes a chance to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, a day tour is a great way of including this. They are ideally suited to anyone who is eager to explore the reefs and there is a safe swimming zone for children too.

2. Learn to scuba dive on the reef

For those that have always wanted to learn to dive, there’s nothing quite like the opportunity to give it a go on the iconic Great Barrier Reef.

Surely the best way to experience it in all its glory is to dive below the surface for a closer look, especially for those that have an interest in marine biology and seeing sea creatures up close.

Great Barrier Reef

This Dive on the Reef day trip from Cairns is ideal for beginners and those who want to go on and gain a PADI certificate. There’s an option to complete two dives on the day or to enrol in a five-day course. The day trip is perfect for travellers who don’t have the time to get their full dive certificate but want to experience the unique adventure of gliding through the waters surrounded by coral sculptures and underwater companions.

After boarding an exclusive 29-metre catamaran, visitors will be taken to three carefully-selected locations out on the Agincourt Reef. Guests will be treated to interactive demonstrations and provided with safety information before beginning the introductory dive. Lunch is included and there are hot water showers on board.

Diving the coral reefs that surround Australia’s golden coastline is a once in a lifetime opportunity and this informal, relaxed tour is the perfect way to sample the treasures of the underwater labyrinth without possessing extensive experience in diving.

Great Barrier Reef

For those that can’t get enough of diving after this trip, there’s a chance to sign up for further instruction, which takes place on the live-aboard vessel, M V Kangaroo Explorer.

3. Fly over the reef

It’s difficult to appreciate the scale of the Great Barrier Reef when you’re aboard a boat or swimming and splashing in the blue-green waters. A helicopter experience provides a much better insight into the size of the reef, offering a bird’s eye view of the water and the coral structures that lie beneath.

Having arrived at the Cairns City Helipad, travellers will climb aboard for the flight of a lifetime. A scenic 30-minute journey lies ahead, with nothing but incredible views for company. As the blades rotate and the engine purrs, guests can enjoy panoramic views of sparkling beaches, dense, tropical rainforests and bright blue waters that are punctured by darker areas of coral.

The helicopter will fly over the beautiful island idyll of Green Island and the stunning spot of False Cape before heading back to the city.

Great Barrier Reef Helicopter

Helicopter tours are a fabulous way to appreciate the mesmerising beauty and the vast scale of the Great Barrier Reef, while enjoying the thrill and the adrenaline rush of soaring high in the skies. Enjoying a vantage point several hundred feet in the sky also affords breathtaking photo opportunities.

4. See the reef without getting wet

For those who are keen to explore and experience the Great Barrier Reef without getting wet, a day trip to Green Island comes highly recommended. This exotic slice of paradise lies just 15 miles from the coastline, making it an ideal base for leisurely, languid day trips.

After boarding a luxury catamaran at the Reef Fleet Terminal, guests will travel to Green Island, enjoying stunning views of the reef en route. On arrival, there’s a choice of activities, including a semi-sub coral viewing tour and the option to splash around and swim or snorkel for those who don’t mind getting wet.

The crew will put on a fish feeding display to entice nearby residents to the boat and there’s also a great walking tour itinerary available. There will also be time to sunbathe and top up the tan before heading back to the mainland.

Green Island Semi Sub

The semi-submarine tour is a brilliant way to see the diverse range of corals and sea creatures without having to swim or don a snorkel and wetsuit. For those who aren’t strong swimmers, this is a great option.

The tour includes a four-hour stay on Green Island, one of the most famous islands in the reef. Offering beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, hiking routes and plenty of serene coves to swim and snorkel, this is an idyllic setting for a family day out, a more active adventure or a chilled-out solo trip.

A sumptuous buffet lunch is included in the price.

5. Sleep on the reef

Day trips are marvellous but for those who have a few days in Cairns, a prolonged stay on the reef may appeal. The size of the area makes it challenging to navigate the best areas in just one day so splash out and choose a 4 Day Great Barrier Reef Cruise.

Great Barrier Reef Cruise Double Room

The three-night small ship cruise provides incredible opportunities to explore the ornamental underwater gardens of the reef and to travel to cays and coves that aren’t accessible on day tours.

Cruising aboard the Coral Expeditions boat, guests can look forward to swimming and snorkelling opportunities aplenty and the chance to explore both the reef and the rainforest. Snorkels and wetsuits are readily available and glass bottom boat tours are a popular activity.

The itinerary takes in Cairns and Thetford Reef, Hinchinbrook Channel and plenty more. These amazing sites have been chosen to treat guests to a snapshot of the mind-blowing scenery and geography of the area and to enable them to appreciate the diversity of the flora and fauna and marine life.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

On arriving in Thetford Reef, the on-board marine biologist will give a short talk and feed the fish to afford guests the opportunity to lay eyes on some of the 1,500 species of fish that thrive in this area. Look out for the Spangled Emperor and the Hump-Headed Maori Wrasse in particular.

The Hinchinbrook Channel offers a different perspective of the reef, boasting an intricate mangrove network, which is home to crocodiles, turtles and dolphins.

En route to Dunk Island, guests can prepare for a rainforest hike and the chance to marvel at the giant clam garden that is nestled in the shallow waters just off-shore. Having walked, swam and snorkelled, a traditional Aussie barbeque at sunset is the perfect way to round off each day.

Turtle on the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most stunning sights on Earth and it’s no surprise that millions of people flock to its waters every year. With an incredible array of trips and tours on offer, visitors will be spoilt for choice.

One thing is certain: visiting the Great Barrier Reef is always enchanting, no matter how you choose to see it.

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